New Changes

I am sure we scared some of our friends on the DSM forum with all the new changes that happened in a day but I really hope they end up liking it for the better in the end. We really made the changes with everyone in mind hoping it would improve some of the functionality of the new site and get more information and help out there on Digital Scrapbooking.

I came across some inspiration boards full of amazing colors the other day and I saved them all. I seem to be drawing and noticing more places of inspiration around me than I ever have before. Maybe, I noticed them but never took a second to realize that internally something was sparking and I should remember it or write it down. One day I would really love to make a new Digital Scrapbooking kit based on these colors. They inspire so much creativity in my little brain and spawned so many new ideas that it is really hard for me not to blurt it all out and share them with everyone right now. Good things do come in time so patience to all.

I found these on one of my favorite sites to drool over. I seem to go there everyday and still haven’t read and taken in the entire site. Maybe you can get something out of it like I do.

Shane and I are working on getting the new gallery up and functioning. I can’t wait to include a lot of our members layouts in the gallery. I know not everyone out there is into message boards and sharing their layouts, but I think these girls have such a unique sense of design and they are all so different that I cant help but share them with everyone.

We have a lot of fun exciting things coming your way and planned out so stick with us and watch what happens!

Yours Truly,


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