Road Trip!

What a crazy past 6 days! I left last Wednesday to drive to AZ to meet my parents at the Family History Expo that was going on in Mesa, AZ last Friday and Saturday. I had never taken more than a 3-4hr trip alone before so driving through three states was definitely an exciting thing for me. I love any new adventure and usually always take the opportunity to embark on it!

The drive to the Railroad Pass Casino was my first destination for Wednesday. I am sure I cannot do a 12 hour drive alone so I broke the trip into two driving days. The casino was nice and small and VERY purple! lol. I remember stepping into my room, which is really nice and clean but it seemed to be head to toe purple. Got a decent nights sleep and finished my trip up to AZ the next day.

 My parents are spending a few months at an RV park in Buckeye, AZ. I drove down there to stay with them to save a little money on hotel rooms and food costs. During the second day drive my dad had found a better route on some back roads for me to take. He emailed me the directions but really, driving and reading is not recommended and can lead to about an 80 mile detour based on the directions my dad emailed me and my personal mix ups. I ended up on a dirt back road leading into the middle of nowhere with no civilization as far as the eye could see in every direction. Thanks to my fantastic navigator, her digital voice led me right out of the “situation” and onto a nice paved road. My Dad and I are still in discussions as to weather or not the directions were to blame. HAHA jkDad! ;) I did make it to their RV park safe and REALLY tired of driving. Unfortunately, the second I got there, my Dad and I had to head out to make the hour long trek to the Convention Center and get the booth set up. It went nice and smooth but that is all we did for the next two days was drive two hours a day, come home, eat and go to bed. LOL

The Family History show went AMAZING! There were so many people there and so many people really excited to learn all about Digital Scrapbooking. My Dad and Mom did such an amazing job working the booth and catching onto what happens at these shows. I can say it was a very successful show and I hope to see some of the great people I met on our message board! The stories that I hear at the Family shows are always interesting and motivating. It really makes me want to dabble my fingers in my own families past and really get a feeling of where I came from.

I also got some REALLY great ideas from a few wanderers about future kits. So look out for that.

I plan to head to St. George at the end of February to attend the Family History show out there! I am excited to see how we do and how many other people would be interested in Digital Scrapbooking. :)

This is my mom talking a really nice lady at the show.

Yours Truly,

Amy Herzog <3

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3 Responses to Road Trip!

  1. Angie says:

    Wow Amy!!! This is awesome!! What a whirlwind but, at the same time so great that you got to meet all of the great people!!! Your parents are a great support system too!! Not to mention Hubby–I am positive he was home with the kiddos. I am glad it was a success!

  2. April Oaks says:

    Cool Amy!

  3. Dra says:

    I’m glad you had a good time and got to your destination and back all in one piece!! xo :)