A few more layouts and our first article!

Okay, so all of you know how obsessed with Digital Scrapbooking I am. Today at the Roots Tech show, Linda, who is the official Blogger for the Roots Tech blog asked if she could post the photos and an article on the blog about our booth and products. The day before she had come and bought a few products from our booth and because she loves digital scrapbooking as much as I do, she wanted to not only share it on the Roots Tech Blog, but also on her personal blog. This is the first time that I have ever been talked about on another persons website for a business. It is a little exhilarating and very special to me. This isn’t a massive corporation but it is a first, and we all know how special “first’s” are to me.

Even though this is a three day show, with one more day to go, I am sad to think about it being over. I have met so many amazing people and shared so many stories with members and vendors that I feel like it’s more than just business, I have managed to build some friendships. How cool is that? I even had one of our members come by to see our booth and catch up with me, Diana. She is one of the MANY people on our message board that are so supportive of DSM and all we represent and do that I am really thankful. :)

So here is the first article on Linda’s blog that she wanted to share with me. I am also really excited to see what she writes about on the Roots Tech website!

Here are a few layouts that I managed to get in the last few days. Most of the elements and papers are from the new Young Love Kit, which I cannot seem to get enough of.

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