Heritage Collector Review

I have had such a good time talking back and fourth with Marlo and his Daughter Kathleen via phone, email, and in person at the Family History Expos. This family LOVES our products and how amazing they work with their Heritage Collector Software. Marlo brought me Kathleen’s calendars and scrapbooks she made with our Digital Scrapbook Memories Graphics. I was so impressed with the fact that she created them in her Heritage Collector Software. This is a family business, not unlink DSM,  who is really popular in the Genealogy Community, and I can see why. Their software is easy to use and so versatile in what it does. From storybooks to calendars, and organizing/preserving your family history, this seems to be just a few things the whole program can really do. If you are looking for all these things in your Heritage program then don’t look anywhere else. Though the software is not as in depth with what most photo editing software can do when it comes to the advanced parts of digital scrapbooking, this software comes close. Another cool thing I thought was that you can run it from your external hardrive so you don’t take up tons of hard drive space on your computer.  If there is one thing us digital scrapbookers know, it’s the lack of room we get when our .psd and .jpg files start to build up among the massive amounts of digital kits we have collected.

I just wanted to post a blog to share how great it is. Click on a few links below to get a preview of their Storybook and Calendar sections on their software.



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