My Hybrid Crayon Project.

We have all seen these cute crayon letters all over crafting blogs galor. I could throw out at least 10 links of different people who have done these for themselves, teachers, friends, gifts and more. So I jumped on the band wagon and tried to make an equal 50/50 of Digi and physical. I made them just for my kids because it seems that everything I make I always give away so this time they are staying in my house for my kids to enjoy one day.

This was really easy to make. I bought 2, 8×8, shadow box frames at Michaels and created an 8×8 blank page in photoshop. I then found a nice bulky letter that I could fill with crayons based on my kids style and fun. I tried once to go fancy with the letter and oh my was it a mess. I really recommend choosing in bulk, like Costco. The bigger the better this go around.

I used mostly photoshop brushes from free downloads on the internet to make all my designs and used one DSM flower that was from the Flower Patch for Genevieves “I”. Since this project was all about the colors of the crayons and how fun they are, I didnt want to take away from the actual colors of the crayons so I tried to make each design sweet and simple.

After I chose my letter I stroked my letter with a really light grey, almost white at the radius of 1. I took my paint bucket and selected white then filled in the color with white so I could see my outline enough to balance my crayons in.

Then took my bazillion boxes of crayons  out of the freezer and a really sharp small knife (most people use the exacto knife and that’s what I would recommend to) and went to work on each one.

It took me 2 days to do Genevieve’s because yes, you have to curve, cut and get super precises on a few of the crayon which can really make your noodles turn. I used Modge Podge glue since it dries super clear and there would be all the less flaws to see, because there are. LOL

Caulens just took me a few hours since I had been thinking about the style I wanted for a while and his letter was a lot darn easier than a G!

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