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There is some exciting news we here at Digital Scrapbook Memories have to share with all of you Digital Scrapbook Fans!  Yes, DSM has tentatively made an agreement with a new company that produces a new App that you can use on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch!  What kind of app you might ask, and what does DSM have to do with it?  Well, their website allows anyone to create a story and animate it.  You then “publish it to the Apple App Store”, and then you can show family and friends your storytelling skills!  We are very happy that this new and exciting company has chosen us to provide some of the artwork to help you with your story!

TaleSpring has provided a further explanation of what this exciting company is engaged in, so please keep on reading!

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”
Murial Rukeyser

Every person is an author with a story to tell.

To create a scrapbook is to re-tell a story, illustrated with pictures, designs and imagery.

A new animation software can help bring your digital scrapbooks to life!

“TaleSpring” is an innovative online software originally designed for authors to create interactive children’s books. Now this amazing tool can be accessed at home to make creative, living scrapbooks that will launch your imagination beyond the digital scrapbook.

How to “Tale Your Story”

Step 1: Create Your Animated Scrapbook using your existing photos. All you need is a computer, the internet and your mouse and you can turn your memories into animated adventures with interactive pages that will engage your family for generations.

Step 2: Download your animated scrapbook(s) to access on your home computer, iPhone or iPad.

Step 3:  Share your animated scrapbooks.  You can publish, post, email, share, and view your books time and time again. Your family and friends around the world can enjoy your scrapbooks wherever they are, because your scrapbooks can go wherever you wish.

TaleSpring allows you to integrate mp3 audio, video and animation to your pages. You can add your child’s voice to his pictures, record your great-grandmother telling a story from her childhood while the pictures turn on pages like a real storybook, or record your own feelings about the day your baby was born. These stories are life’s heirlooms to be treasured and passed for generations.

Digital Scrapbook Memories images are designed to fit perfectly into TaleSpring’s scrapbook application. Simply upload the images and away you go.

Your story is waiting to be told.  Go to and register for your account and begin creating your universe of digital memories.

“Tale Your Story” and let your story be told for generations to come.

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