Roots Tech Expo review

We had such a blast at the Roots Tech Expo this year. The Digital Scrapbook Memories booth saw a lot of traffic with new faces, and several return customers and friends.  Our most popular kits for the show were out Young Love kit and our Family Ties CD. They both tie in well with genealogy and heritage style layouts, along with blogs and newsletters that a lot of people wanted to use them for. I had several women and men return to my booth, that came last year, to tell me just how amazing Digital Scrapbook Memories is and how much they love our Digital Kits.  It makes me so happy to see that we got so many people excited about digital scrapbooking. Besides, I love it and I love what I do, so it reflects on how people perceive our business as a whole.

This year we got to be right across from the Microsoft Playground. I was SO excited. They have a nice lounge/play area for people of all ages with games and activities to do to help with the overwhelming education of genealogy that took place at the show.

Our old friend Jill, from Flip-Pal, stopped in to say hello. She is such a motivational woman to be around. She always pumps me up about our graphics and tells me how much she loves our company. Jill always manages to squeeze in little business tips and tricks, that she has picked up along the way of many of her own ventures in life. I always appreciate them and have acted on a few of them.  I don’t know anyone nicer or more thoughtful than this woman. I love her. lol

Overall the show was a success and we got a lot of new people into the world of digital scrapbooking.  I always have such a good feeling in my heart and head at the end of shows that reaffirms me why I do what I do.

LOVE for all my digital scrapbookers out there!!

Much love,


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