DSM Retreat 2011 Review

First of all, WOW, what a blast the retreat was! I loved seeing everyone from the forum there and I LOVED meeting all the new people.

I was a little nervous (ok A LOT) getting up in front of everyone and talking the first night. I am sure I forgot to introduce myself to everyone among other things, but really public speaking has been such a NO NO for me. I have never done it and it gives me anxiety to even think of having a bunch of eyes on me. You would think with 14 years of Gymnastics meets under my belt would have cured that, but even then I was SUPER nervous to preform. Anyways, yes, I was a nervous but SO happy that I conquered my fear of it and by the end of the retreat was really comfortable. I could tell by the lack of sweaty hands and armpits that I was doing good. LOL

I also got embarrassed when I had realized that in all the hard work I had done, along with my parents and Shane, preparing the retreat and everything else that goes with it, I didn’t prepare myself for the one and only class I had to teach. LOL I didn’t even have a finished physical product of my Clock Template printed out for everyone to see. I think most people were confused at first but got the idea a little better at the end of my class. I plan to get my clock done today and photos taken so for those of you who are still wondering what the heck I was teaching can see how cute it really is!

We had 5 AMAZING teachers for the retreat. Alisha, who is a professional photographer(and did an all day Photography Class on Thursday) Digi Designer, and accessories creator  just did a phenomenal job with coming up with awesome Hybrid projects and was a super awesome TA who helped the girls out if they had a question. I mean what does this fabulous woman NOT do! lol

Brooke, who is the most creative woman I have ever seen taught AMAZING hybrid classes and did such a wonderful job at showing everyone how to incorporate digital scrapbooking into cute hybrid projects for the home, presents and everything else. I really loved the Silhouette class she taught. I think a lot of us wonder how the heck they do that and I was so excited she taught it.

Bryan, who taught some of the beginners class and one Intermediate class is just a man with a MASSIVE amount of technical and creative knowledge when it comes to any version of photoshop and any crafts that come up in his super smart brain. I enjoyed having him there and he also helped me with my last minute class chaos I was faced with. So thank you Bryan, you are so wonderful and helpful!!

Sherilyn. This woman has never taught a class before so when I asked if she would teach the beginners class she was SUPER nervous and worried that she would not be a good teacher, but at the same time she was so excited I asked her. I mean, how could I not. Over the past few years when April held the retreats and little side classes that she was always at, I always saw her helping other people with their problems in photoshop and have seen her pages I just knew that she needed to teach at the retreat! She did an amazing job and I cant wait for her to teach again!!

Last but not least, my hubby, Shane. He is such an introverted person but with having a brand new business and a minimal budget he thought up some really awesome technique classes that people could incorporate into their digital projects. Most people don’t know this but he is a web designer, artist, and programmer, and he does it for a living. So I totally took advantage of his skills and the fact that he was free, to teach some classes. I loved the different perspectives that he gave to everyone. I love him and he is such an amazing person all around. I am really lucky to have him as my soul mate!

My Mom attnended the beginners class since she really needed to grasp the concept of digital scrapbooking and getting familiar with Photoshop Elements. She did all the beginner classes and I think she came out of it knowing a little more of how it all works!

My Dad was the babysitter. He was the rock star who watched the kids, took them to the pool, fed them, nap times, all the things that are just not easy with two little kids. I love and appreciate that he volunteered to watch them. He is such a huge part of DSM and without all my family and teachers, I would not have been able to do this on my own without having a heart attack. LOL

We had some really awesome prizes donated to us from many companies and I really appreciated that. If you want to see who donated you can view them here.

I also have some photos up from the retreat of the projects that were done and the attendees. I know there are more lingering photos that some of the girls took out there, and as soon as they email them to me I can post the funner ones of group photos and silly times!

Thank you all again for making this Retreat amazing. I cannot wait for the next one to come!!

Yours Truly,


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Almost Retreat Time!

There’s still time to register but it’s counting down!  Get a friend to register and introduce them to the wonderful world of Digital Scrapbooking this weekend!

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Celebrate Layout!

I love all the creative ways to use a kit, especially if it is Celebration themed. Lynnette has managed to make it her own! I wanted to share her cute layout with everyone!


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Heritage Collector Review

I have had such a good time talking back and fourth with Marlo and his Daughter Kathleen via phone, email, and in person at the Family History Expos. This family LOVES our products and how amazing they work with their Heritage Collector Software. Marlo brought me Kathleen’s calendars and scrapbooks she made with our Digital Scrapbook Memories Graphics. I was so impressed with the fact that she created them in her Heritage Collector Software. This is a family business, not unlink DSM,  who is really popular in the Genealogy Community, and I can see why. Their software is easy to use and so versatile in what it does. From storybooks to calendars, and organizing/preserving your family history, this seems to be just a few things the whole program can really do. If you are looking for all these things in your Heritage program then don’t look anywhere else. Though the software is not as in depth with what most photo editing software can do when it comes to the advanced parts of digital scrapbooking, this software comes close. Another cool thing I thought was that you can run it from your external hardrive so you don’t take up tons of hard drive space on your computer.  If there is one thing us digital scrapbookers know, it’s the lack of room we get when our .psd and .jpg files start to build up among the massive amounts of digital kits we have collected.

I just wanted to post a blog to share how great it is. Click on a few links below to get a preview of their Storybook and Calendar sections on their software.



Your’s Truly,


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New Layouts!

A couple of our girls who managed to get their hands on one of our new kits, Young Love, have each made a page that I really wanted to share! I love posting these because they are inspiring to me and I hope inspiring to other people out there as well!

Layout By Lynnette LeBaron

Layout by Brooke Kemp

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